Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A beautiful day for a post office trip

Im excited to say I started a Facebook group called of la snail mail. Be sure to join my friends.
Ive already met a few new ladies and sent out packages to them today and some to my reg swappers.
I notice a lot of people only sent stuff to receive stuff and I don't like that. Ill send to anyone as long as they will get it moving ya know.

Well today I'm in a FB making mood and im hoping to get through a lot of labels i have. I want to try out my new stamps and paper I scored at wal-mart. Don't you just love their 97c section? I also found some really cute stickers and note cards at the Dollar tree. Being on a tight budget makes you a bit more creative in the fb, deco making process ;)

Oh yeah! I signed about 20 decos this weekend and already got them moving. Here's a few pics of what I did...I still cant figure out how to move these dang photos around lol.
Well ill see you all soon! Keep making art!