Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I received some lovely packages from Nga-Yee in The Netherlands, Piia in Finland, and Janice & Nancy from the US! Thanks ladies!! I loooove the stamps from other countries, do you see the awesome ones that N.Y put on her pretty envelope? Love it!!

I have to admit, not being on Facebook is hard. I want to get on to let all my swapper ladies know I got their packages and see what everyone is up to lol. Just goes to show how addicted I really am huh?
Well this week I plan on sending a bunch of packages out. Let me know if you want any excess so I can make sure I send out everything I have. Im expecting a huge swap from Elizabeth in Greece soon so I want to have a clean slate :)
TaTa for now

1 comment:

  1. OH YAY :) you received it. And thanks for blurring out the address and such :) it's hard for sure, but you'll get a lot done without it XD
    *huggles* ~ N.Y.