Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Hope you are all having a great Thursday, mine could be better but Ill deal.
I got a big ass package from my lovely friend in Greece Elizabeth :) I cant wait to relax tonight and go through everything. She always sends me such a nice assortment of bags. I loves it (^_^)
Plus a nice envie stuffed to the rim from Katey from NC. Thanks ladies!

I have a question for you, its a question I was asked by a few people and I'm curious to find out your replies...
What do you feel is the purpose for label bags? Esp if its only the same group of people that sign them. 

I had to think about this for a second before I answered. Let me know your guys take on this :)


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  2. Nobody answered yet, so I'll be the first. I enjoy swapping label bags because I use the labels from them to make other things for people, not just more label bags, but sticker bags, goodie bags, and friendship books.

    And no, they don't go to "all the same people" - if I sat down and wrote all the names I see in LBs, you'd be amazed how many people swap them!