Penpal and swapper list

The following are those I currently swap and write to, so if you need to send something home to them I can help. :)

Elizabeth V. from Greece

Makiko N. from Japan

N.Y. Tang from The Netherlands

Rose G. from West Virginia, USA

Aurora from Ohio, USA

Bijie K. from Canada

Chalsie A from Hawaii, USA

Charli L from South Dakota, USA

Chaya C. from Wisconsin, USA

Estela A. from Spain

Heather G from South Carolina, USA

Sharon H from North Carolina, USA

Jeanie S from Missouri, USA

Joy R from Hawaii, USA

Katharina M from Germany

Joyce L from Taiwan

Kerrie F from England

Kimberly M from Florida, USA

Kristin C from West Virginia, USA

Kylie M from Oregon, USA

Lisa O from Canada

Liz W from Nevada, USA

Momoko S from Japan

Samantha D from North Carolina, USA

Sarah D from Canada

Tahti in Poland

Yvette B in Indiana, USA