Monday, February 6, 2012

Ch Ch Changes...

So, a while back I was added to a Facebook group that warns you about "bad swappers and pen-pals" and I have to admit I'm a bit disturbed. There are some screwed up people out there that use pen palling to be cruel and rude to each other and not only that...I didn't realize the danger of pen palling, though its small, its still there. I guess there is a way for people to "sell" your address to Prisoner Pen Pal sites without your permission! You can go to these sites and try to request that they remove you but from what I hear, the admin never answers. I cant believe that! What irritates me is a few of the names they were talking bad about in that group are people that Ive mailed back and forth with so I know they have my address. And are you ready for this...I got a freakin letter from a PRISONER today!! A real life criminal at a prison in NC, which isn't far from me. To say I'm pissed is an understatement! I didn't even open that piece of poo, I wrote "return to sender, no one by that name" and flung that sucker back in the mailbox. What nerve someone had to add me to a mail list for inmates... I don't even have any male pen pals!
So today (like an hour ago) I waltzed my butt to the post office and got a PO Box. I'm letting all the people I casually swap with know of the change but keeping my home address for my actual friends and trusted swappers. I'm also changing it in the yahoo groups databases.  I hate to have to do that, it seems so in-personal but to think a inmate had my home address makes me ill. Its not like you go to prison for stealing candy so Ill assume that man did something scary enough for me to be paranoid! Damn, I usually made it a point to just add my email address when I sign fb's or make labels, not because I ever thought this would happen, I did it because I move a lot and its easier to get a hold of me via email. So not too many people have my address but I don't even know who gave my address out ahhhh!!
Would you be mad? upset or scared? Am I over thinking this? Maybe I watch too much criminal TV lol. All I know is I feel a little safer with a PO Box so its worth the $20 every 6 months.

On a lighter note, I can start doing the mail art swaps ive been wanting to. Ill post more about that later ;)

Well I hope you are all having an awesome day, Im working on some decos so ill post pics later.


  1. I know when I began swapping, I debated on a or using my home address. I went with my home address to begin with (less trips to pick up mail!) Now I have gone to using my email on my labels because of stories like yours! So I pass on my home address to those I swap with only...a p.o. box might be in my future though! Thanks for the heads up as it's always good to be more aware!

  2. Man that has got me thinking about how could possibly have my address out there!!!

  3. This happened to me many years ago. I totally stopped doing fb's. This time around I use a po box on fb's. This time around I feel so much better when I send out fb's and such.