Friday, March 30, 2012

Outgoing and a question for you all....

I finally got to the post office! woo! Hopefully these packages all make it safe :)
I sent 4 homers yesterday, some with excess and the rest were excess swaps with some lovely ladies. The postal clerk that sees me on a weekly basis still likes to ask..with a big smile on his face.."Gee mam, what are in these heavy envelopes?" lol now I just say scrapbook paper, stickers and books, Ive tried explaining what all the swap stuff is but he still doesn't get it lol.
Do you guys find it difficult for some people to understand what we are all swapping? Do you get those blank faces that say..why are you doing this? lol I DO!! Sometimes I ask the same thing to my hand cramps from the 500 labels ive just cut up for lb's HA! Anyway, I have a bit more excess to get through today and then Im packaging up some goodies to give away :)
Hope you all had a great week! xoxo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Giveaway coming soon!!!

Ok, I finally got a chance to start putting aside goodies to give away yay!! :) So stay posted to make sure you don't miss out!! XOXO

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mail call today!

I feel like I haven't showed the lovely packages I've been getting so I wanted to share the 3 I got today :)
First, a thank you swap from Jenny in Sweden! and a small swap from Joyce in Taiwan :) Thanks ladies!!

Recently I sent a cute package stuffed with goodies for my friend Makiko's birthday. She loved everything so much she sent me a Thank you package because she just plain spoils me lol. This pic doesn't even show all the great goodies she sent! Thanks Makiko!!! xoxo
Im putting some big packages together for people this week and Ill send them all out on Friday. ^_^
Hope you all are having a good day! Swap soon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Im in a funk I think..bleh. Ever have those days where you just want everyone to go away so you can rest your brain for 24 hours?? That's how I feel today.
I have a bunch of excess to send out but not being on Facebook is making it more difficult to send stuff to people. I like to check with anyone I send a package to first, to make sure they actually want excess and have the time to move them along. Sensible right? A few years back I would just send excess to my regular swappers..this was before the whole Facebook takeover. So there was a swapper (whom won't be named) that I sent a small flat rate box of excess to, well she got upset because I didn't warn her I was sending it to her. Mind you, we had only EVER swapped sm flat rate boxes back and forth so this wasn't out of the norm. Ever since then Ive always checked with someone before I sent. The point of this run on is to see if any of YOU want excess :) Let me know so I  can get it together for you.
I have a bunch of goodie bags, sticker bags, memo bags, label bags, few fb's and some decos. Plus today I got a big envie full from Charli ;) Thanks girl!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

*Free Stationery*

A friend forwarded me some cool stationery pages to print out on your pc. Here's a few for ya :)

p.s. I dont know the source for the stationery above but they are circulating in email.

Happy Thursday!

Hope you are all having a great Thursday, mine could be better but Ill deal.
I got a big ass package from my lovely friend in Greece Elizabeth :) I cant wait to relax tonight and go through everything. She always sends me such a nice assortment of bags. I loves it (^_^)
Plus a nice envie stuffed to the rim from Katey from NC. Thanks ladies!

I have a question for you, its a question I was asked by a few people and I'm curious to find out your replies...
What do you feel is the purpose for label bags? Esp if its only the same group of people that sign them. 

I had to think about this for a second before I answered. Let me know your guys take on this :)