Friday, March 30, 2012

Outgoing and a question for you all....

I finally got to the post office! woo! Hopefully these packages all make it safe :)
I sent 4 homers yesterday, some with excess and the rest were excess swaps with some lovely ladies. The postal clerk that sees me on a weekly basis still likes to ask..with a big smile on his face.."Gee mam, what are in these heavy envelopes?" lol now I just say scrapbook paper, stickers and books, Ive tried explaining what all the swap stuff is but he still doesn't get it lol.
Do you guys find it difficult for some people to understand what we are all swapping? Do you get those blank faces that say..why are you doing this? lol I DO!! Sometimes I ask the same thing to my hand cramps from the 500 labels ive just cut up for lb's HA! Anyway, I have a bit more excess to get through today and then Im packaging up some goodies to give away :)
Hope you all had a great week! xoxo

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