Thursday, January 12, 2012

Insomnia = Productivity

So the past few nights I seriously can't fall asleep! I try everything (except drugs) to help me drift off to La La land and NADA!! I lay there thinking of all the ways to create art pieces and how to try new ways to hang my art and blah blah blah..last night I had it. I figured if Im going to be awake I might as well make the best of it so I plopped my butt down in my art room and went to town making envelopes and stationary and putting some swaps together. I was on a roll! Earlier in the day I had put together a few swaps and got to use my new stamps and tape..LOVE...I think it came out pretty cool. Whatcha' think? I put together a few more in my insomniac mode :)
I swear it kills me to send stuff to people and not decorate the envelope. 80% of the envelopes are recycled so it makes it that much better. Some people end up getting the same envie back that they sent to me...just a little reconstructed ^_^ Do any of you do that?
Here's a pic of all the stuff I took to the post office today. The lady that works there said that she loves looking at my envelopes teehee! Her name is Dixie, I  might make her a lil piece of art for being so nice and patient with me.

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