Friday, February 6, 2015

It's been a while....

Glad to be back in the swapping/ pen pal world. I took time off during my move back home to California from South Carolina. So much has changed in my life, it's like I deleted my old sad, depressed, married life and woke up to a new beautiful life! I love it! I'm engaged to a great man, 27 weeks pregnant, first time mom and it's truly a blessing. I never thought I'd have my own little human and here I am, baking one! (Check out the blog to see my new mom journey) The Little Human Inside
To all my pen pals and swap buddies, let me know if you'd like to pick up where we left off. I stayed in contact with a small handful of you which was great.
What better time to get back into it than now, it's InCoWriMo!! (Check out the site)

Who's participating? I've been pretty good at making sure to write everyday and so far so good. I know our lives get in the way sometimes but a quick note to someone, just saying hey can really brighten ones day :)
If anyone is interested in getting a little letter from me email me with your address:

In other news, I will be giving up my art and swap name, Red Maga. Since I used it as a married woman, I feel it's necessary to shed my old self. My last name was Magallanes and my nickname was Red so that's where I got the Red Maga from. So from now on I'll be going by Red Lucha. I'm also changing the swap email I've used for 10 years :( no more Kinda feels good to start fresh! Shedding any sign of my old life feels amazing and I'm happy to start anew. If you see my sig in any swap items please update for me :)
Hope you all have an amazing day!!

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