Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting back in the groove..

The end of last year drained me..I lost interest in a lot of things and sadly one was my swapping. I still wrote to my pen pals and did small swaps but full on swapping was sadly last on my priority list. (Moving from Southern California to South Carolina kind of put a pause in it as well.)
Swapping was something I found when I needed to fill up some time during the beginning part of my separation and divorce. I took comfort in the fact that I was meeting amazing new people from all over the globe and they didn't judge me at all. I found friends who enjoyed the same things as me and also had time to get to know me. I think its nice to make a connection with someone that you've never met and you can share the art of deco's, art journaling and other swapping items. Im an artist and because of the corporate job I had in California, I couldn't express myself...at all! Decorating my lil page in journals, decos and friendship books brought back the artist in me. Luckily,  I get to stay home now creating beautiful art for people and make a living off of it. So in part, swapping and pen-palling has really opened the flood gates of creativity back up for me and I love it.

This weekend I finally got my crap together and brought out all my crafting supplies. For a few weeks Ive been getting excess from people and getting labels to make things. Now I get to make my mark and send it off. ^_^
I shopped a lot! Like too much I think! I found a bunch of cute stuff at WalMart, TJ Maxx Hobby Lobby and this little store here called Tuesday Morning. Im a clearance isle pro! $ spent was under $30!! Some freakin' lady was on me like a hawk in TJ Maxx so I snatched up all the goodies I could find and let her have the rest. I usually look for neat paper and stickers to decorate with and fun stamps to create my own paper and cards. Look at all this great stuff!!
I stayed up kinda late putting together a few swaps. Nothing beats a cold rainy night than sipping yummy coffee, blaring music and crafting :)
Here's what I took to the post office today: 5 big envies (recycled of course) and 2 homers.
All in all a good day of shopping and swapping! Toodle Loo...


  1. I am here- finally. I did take some time off from swapping too and it was hard getting back into the groove of swapping. I am slowly getting back to it.

  2. I can totally understand you, I took a break as well and slowly coming back to it! Lovely to see you are someone who decorate the envies as well :)

    1. I LOVE decorating the envies!! I think its ok for us to take a break every now and then :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Thanks for following my blog Sharon! I sent out your flat rate box today :)